Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 27.8.2011

Saturday august 27th 2011.

The day of decision. Today the technical inspection is on the agenda. But before that happens, we still had to pick up the U-haul (small truck for the race bike). And there we were ready by 9 clock and it worked after all. In a convoy we drove to the place where they put the box to be stored and were curious to find it ina  and were curious to see what was supplied in the box condition. People all clear, everything has arrived safely and as we drove by 12 clock finally to Bonneville Salt Flats to the. One thing I can say before, would anyone complain in Switzerland over 33 degrees, then I do not know what was out here today. There were around 45 degrees! After the campers,  the vehicles and the U-Haul were parked and placed it, our team worked like bees in the house. Everyone grabbed some stuff and in an instant all the material was unpacked. Together with Markus, I stood after in line at the pre-entry to be done, to place the forms for the technical inspection and to confirm the registration. After an hour it was done and now we had to take only the last hurdle. Here also was announced to be patience for a good two hours we were at the row. Drew, chief engineer FIM inspected the bike and found just three little things that need to be done by tomorrow, so it is allowed for the race. Meanwhile, Markus has took on the race suit so few photo sessions with the great light on the Salt Flats of Horst Roesler could be made yet. And then it started with the first ride – what a feeling, after driving up and down it could feel the power of it! Incidentally, it is not easy and it will not be a cakewalk for Markus. But that’s Bonneville, you have to earn it.

Then we organized at various neighbors drills, etc., so Coni and Michi could start with the changes. The weather has now turned and a storm was coming. This meant that the tent of the neighbors (because it was not covered) flew us around the ears, respectively, to the camper and caused a corresponding loss to the outside wall. Super, and five minutes before the driver left the camp of the tent.The bike was finished up in the evening. Super job. And so we went at 18.30 clock back to the hotel and we are confident, that tomorrow the weather is friendly again and we can start the first few rides on.

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Cristina Saegesser