Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 28.8.2011

Sunday august 28th 2011.

The first ride. Today at 07.30 h the naked bullet bike will definitely allowed to ride, after the technical inspection of the adjustments made yesterday were approved. Almost at the same time the ‘Riders meeting’ took place. The information from the organizers are important, as the sequence of the race will be told. At the same time it is important to note the difference for the american and international track and the measurement for the world records. Meanwhile, Bernd and I ended up to fill the pillowcase, which is used on planes, with thick blankets (!) (Yes we know to help ourself) to have a better position for the rides as it will be put on the bike, where Markus is laying with his chest and therefore his arms will be fixed as they are not hunging around without being stable. Otherwise it costs not only power but it is also an uncertain driving. With some of couple of tapes it has been fixed, and Markus could for the first time trying it out. Except this theory it should be an optimal position. The U-Haul wit the bike and Markus took off on the way to the tank-truck. This is the only car where all bikes who needs special fuel in in certain classes can fill it up. Because after the race on the inpound area the tank will be sealed. And then finaly we could go off after several hours of waiting on the Runcours.

The first run should bring the following information:
1st      Optimum seating position by the new column.
2nd       Measured top speed at 4500 tours (this gives us important information
concerning translation, jetting, etc.

The to the naked bullet attached shift light has the following additional functions, either to show the Km or display of speed. At the start it switched unfortunately to the Km-display instead to the tour.

O-Ton Markus

I realized that the seating position is excellent, the grip was there and the bike hanged up super on the gas. And since I did not know what number I have for a tour, I decided to run on a full throttle. Despite two interconnecting, I had at the beginning of the measured mile 288 km/h on the screen, after about 2/3 thirds of the measurement zone, I had a dramatic drop in performance at about 220 km/h. Nevertheless, I realized an average of around 250 km/h. The subsequent analysis of the engine revealed a piston jamming. I know now that the bike is adjusted optimally and should also have the appropriate power to surpass the existing world record of 286 km/h. Fortunately we have two extra pistons racing here, and are confident that we are ready to race again tomorrow afternoon.

And so it was called for today to leave the paddock. We drove back to the hotel early afternoon. While I write this blog, Coni, Michi and Bernd are working under high pressure on the bike, to get the engine again running. We are looking forward what will be tomorrow.

By now

Cristina Saegesser