Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 29.8.2011

Monday august 29th 2011.

Several hours of repair. Since we are thousands of miles away from home, improvisation is asked. Our two aces tinkered from the U-Haul ramp and two chairs, a bench, which was right outside the hotel entrance. In addition, Uschi had bought an additional tent to create more shade. But today there were 60.9 Celsius degree temperature asphalt !!!!! The bike was fixed, and the working tools were spread out and then it went on. After 24 hours of intensive work, the bike is now ready to race again.

At 16.30 we drove again toward Bonneville, to complete a first, real Run (hopefully without motor bangers). But it turned the different way ….

We were asked by the race director, to present us at the front desk with the bike. There we learned from FIM racing inspector Curtis and Technical Steward Drew, that a race team at the headquarters of the International Association of FIM (Federation International Motocyclistique) in Geneva, filed a protest against our race bike, because the foot rests are located behind rather than in front of the rear axle. From well-informed source, we know who is behind this action. Because of the FIM was forced to take action (although the FIM has approved the racing bike). For us, this means that without appropriate changes to the bike, we can compete for American Records, but not for world records, as these would not be recognized. Tomorrow we will now pass without a change in one or two test runs to bring in the new engine parts. Then we put the pedal to indicate to what this bike is capable of.

A technical modification of the foot rests is easily possible, only then the seating position of Markus does not fit any more. Above all, the switching operations are dangerous, because the dimensions are no longer correct. A decision of what we do is still open. It is sad that a protest is lodged by a team that is not even drive in our class. This story quickly made the rounds in the paddock, and all the teams and riders could not believe that this happens here. This motivates us more than ever! Turn it on – faster than hell!

The super light conditions by 18 h took advantage of our team photographer Horst Roesler for a great photo shoot and at the same time Markus was able to move his racing bike a few miles.

More stories tomorrow..

Cristina Saegesser