Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 1.9.2011

Thursday september 1st 2011

Last day of racing. What will be today? And as usual, we went off at 06.15 h early morning. With Markus we went directly to the starting line and he was one among the first to be reported to the races.

The weather and salt conditions were still good.

O-Ton Bernd Kramer
Looking at the positive view, we could now perform four runs in the morning. On the first three gears, the motor went smoothly and without problems, from the 4th gear on the number of rotation he had misfires. The problem was, that the alternator was faulty. This broke the battery voltage after about 30 – 40 seconds of time and so that this misfires happened. Without new alternator the problem could not be fixed since this was not  in our replacement part

From my perspective, we have made valuable experience at Bonneville. During these days we have found the optimum seat position for Markus (support cushions and foot rests transfer). The race bike and the chassis are optimized to the extent that straight lines are really easy to drive. The engine has reached the appropriate performance and power to the speed in the range of 290 km/h. We ended up frustrated by little things, because we were running out of time. Only the replacement of the two racing pistons costs us one day each, so that we not even could think about going on the race track. The whole package fits and we are confident for the upcoming Bonneville Speed Trials. At the end our targets, due to technical corrections, were not achieve. But the potential is certainly there for future races. The experience gained in the last few days we can use for the future. Many components have to agree on the Salt and we hade to overcome many challenges (weather conditions, altitude, other gasoline, etc.)

And so we end the adventure Bonneville with good feelings and a strong motivation to come again next year.

At the end I would like to express my thanks  to everyone in the team. Started by Uschi, our good soul, for Food & Beverage responsible and was always there were help was needed, to the technical team with Coni, Bernd and Michi, which bolted for hours, and studied how to improve certain things with the few available things Stefan for your calm and soothing manner as a coach. Dani and Carsten, with your good dose of humor.

And in the end I thank you Markus, that you always involve myself into your crazy adventures. I admire your courage and ambition!

We have grown together as a team and have seen a lot on the Salt – thank you for that – hopefully see you in 2012!

Now I end here my blog from the Bonneville Salt Flats – I would like to thank also all the readers of it that have supported us with many encouraging words and stayed with us during those days.

Cristina Saegesser