Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 30.8.2011

Tuesday august 30 2011.

New day – new hope. At 06.15, the team went to the Salt Flats. We were already at 07.00 clock in the pre staging series for the new run. Everyone was curious how the bike will probably go today. At 10.22 it was time. Markus went to the start and drove off. From the perspective of the audience it looked good, even the sound of the engine left hoping for a fast time. But it was different again …

O-Ton Markus
The shift light was set at 5200 tours. Accordingly, I went and had a pretty good grip. Only in the second Course, there was little escapee on the rear wheel. After about 1.5 miles I was already in the 5th gear and at 5200 tours. The bike was clearly less fast than the first run on Monday. Occurred within the measured mile in the last third of the same as the first run – drop of the engine power and thus also on the rear wheel from skidding. Despite everything, I reached again 155 mph (251 km/h) average speed. Subsequent analysis showed that this time the front racing pistons jammed.

The mechanics team is currently working on high pression on the installation of our last race piston. We believe that achieved with the currently prevailing heat on the Salt Flats (45 degrees) and an altitude of 1200 m, the performance limit of an air-cooled V2 engine is reached, while he runs two minutes or more at top speed and only one or two components not match! But we were lucky, as one of the top aces for motor of the USA is in our hotel. Tonight Ron Dickey came back from Bonneville and saw the mechanics working on the bike. He looked at the two broken racing pistons and he could read them like a book – wow! We have clearly an overheating problem, says Ron, and we must using special spark plugs, which he will give us. The present flitted us before wrong temperatures and so the picture distorted. We will also remove the air filter, so that the engine will not be lean again. If everything is working fine, we would a) solve our engine problem, and b) we would have much more power.

To avoid the intense heat, Markus is already tomorrow in his racingsuit and will be brought from the hotel to the racetrack directly, so we are at the pole positions at 07.00 h. In this way we hope to start before 08.00 h. Markus should fix a record run (178 mph / 286 km), in order that he can do his retourn run immediately. Theory and practice are still often far apart. But still the whole team is motivated – we see what happens tomorrow.

Stay with us…

Cristina Saegesser