Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 31.8.2011

Wednesday august 31st 2011.

New day – and new hope. Like almost every day, we drove off again today at 06.15 clock. And so Mark was one of the first in the starting line. The weather in the early morning left hoping for good salt and wind conditions.

O-Ton Markus
The conditions were absolutely ideal. The race steward was standing next to me and gave me a sign “three minutes” – “two minutes” – “one minute” – well we did the bike run and tied the Kill Switch on my wrist. My adrenaline began to rise and I was fully focused on my start and ready to run, until my racing steward gave the signal to abort. What had happened?

The launching of me driver crashed into the measured mile mph with about 140/225 km / hr. Until the track was finally ready for the driver again, I waited about an hour at the start, because the track had akkribisch be searched and relieved of any lost parts. The driver is fortunately not much happens – he came with a broken wrist and a broken rib from it. And finally, it could go off for me. I quickened my racing bike and realized immediately that the engine was stuttering at a certain number into the tour, which I promptly dropped my run at 212 km/h.

Bernd fount the mistakes very quickly. The battery and the regulator were faulty. The parts were replaced and I tested the machine briefly out of the course line. The power was there and the engine ran flawlessly. We went to the Pre Staige, carried us up for a starting point and within an hour we drove to Mile 0, to prepare us for the start. I was third in the boot sequence. After about 20 minutes every start was canceled due to extreme wind conditions. In the afternoon, the race organizers decided to stop the racing at about 14.30 clock, due to heavy gust of wind.

The advantage is that tomorrow we can go directly at 7 to Mile since the start order is valid from the day before. We now have only one shot available and we will adjuste and rebuild the grids according to FIM rules. So if it happens, a world record would be valid. Otherwise I would just have an American record.

And so we put everything on one card, because tomorrow is the final day of racing. While I write the blog now, our team is working again on the bike, to have it fixed and ready for tomorrow.

Cristina Saegesser