Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 26.8.2011

Friday 26 August 2011.

Good news in advance – the Canopy was purchased on the day before and dumped at the reception to be safe (see 25.08.11). After a short night for some, and for some who never slept and made the Strip in Las Vegas consistently insecure, we started the new day. The coffee and the breakfast did his good start to the day, which would be turbulent, more on than later. As agreed, we picked up the rental vehicles, and that can take time guys. So this caused us some delays in our time management and this had consequences. Evil consequences. Our colleagues in Wendover (which I had mentioned the day before) which we contact to make sure that after arriving at Wendover, finally we could unpack the box with the race bike and provide it for the next days for the technical inspection. Far away from it. Until we come, it was said at the end of the line, then no one is there. Mind you, we have not already logged in the short term but months in advance and almost on the hour!! Via phone and email. My nerves were short before blank. Ah, yes, we can come on Saturday morning, then maybe there is someone around. Imagine!!! Just imagine what it means to travel thousands of miles and to experience such surprises as this are. Okay, I thought to myself, we do the ‘friendly and nice. ” way. Have we any other chance??? Sooner said than done. Saturday morning definitely works. So we sent in our duo Stefan and Uschi going to Wendover with her rental car immediately. Maybe perhaps they were on time to chatch up at some guys who still could be there, as they’re faster than me on the road. I stuck behind my 10 ft camper and asked Markus and Bernd to take place in the back. From Las Vegas to West Wendover, there are almost 650 kilometers – through the desert, steppe and desert to the rocky landscape fascinated us during this trip. And the nature has shown her by almost every side. And so we arrived at about 18.30 clock, after about 8.5 hours driving time at last in West Wendover. Shortly before we were able to hold still in contact with Uschi, because during this trip we never once had a network. More questions?

After I had booked flights and hotels in February, confirmed and paid for, the Mexican hotel manager Jaime told me that no reservation exists and the rooms are not paid. Hääääää? What is it about? Okay, I said to myself, keep calm, he is …… So once again and after our conversation went to an English, Italian and Spanish dispute he still smiled at me in a way I did not like, either I give him my credit card, or we can sleep on the salt. Well the alternative was not so attractive but then I gave my card and said some words which I can’t put it on this blog. Now it was all set for our Jaime and we were finally able to go to our rooms after our trip which was to me like 100 hours.

I’m sitting here at the pool and the rest of the team I have not sent into the desert but for dinner. I will be annoying me one more time and so I’ll tell you tomorrow, what other experiences we made. Now I hope of some positive stories. Seriously we are so far arrived safed and more or less everyhting worked out, this is the only thing which counts …. Cheers folks!

See you

Cristina Saegesser

Cristina’s Bonneville-Blog 25.08.2011

Thursday, August 25th 2011

At 8 h the team met at the US Airways Checkin. We all were in a good mood already early in the morning and laughed quite a lot and and made some joke. If you consinder that we had a 10 h flight to Philadelphia and an other 5 h with the connecting flight to Las Vegas in front uf us….
Without any problems we did the check-in and especially with our red teamoufit we were quite an eyecatcher at the airport. Starting from the passengers, to the security and the police at the passport controll, everybody asked us what we are doing and what kind of team we were. As they heard what our target was, they were quite estonished. And so we went on with best wishes, and good lucks till cross the fingers to board.

We were quite lucky that the flight to Philli wasn’t booked out, therefore quite everybody had more than one seat for himself. What was for the tall people like Stefan and Bernd quite a gift. After 9,5 hours we reached Philadelphia at 13.15 h, earlier that expected. And so we went through custome, showed I do not know how many times our passport, grabed our luggage and had to re-checkin, even though we did not left the building that we came in…This took us straight out 1,45 h. No wunder we were starving and we were looking for a place to eat. Well, that made our decision not easy, starting from pizza, to burger, chinese food and candyshop you name it. And after a while we had to leave again because on the destination board it sais „go to gate and ready for boarding“. Our US Airways Flight 467 left with an ½ delay – Las Vegas here we go!! In the meanwhile it is already midnight in Switzerland and we are pretty tired and still sitting in the plane. Yeah something I have to do after we land in Las Vegas, Peanuts as they say over here. Our american colleagues were not able to organize a tent/canopy for us, after we asked them in february!! Any question? For your information, beside our Camper our chief designer and constructor as well as the engine builder need to work on the racing bike and it would be nice to have some shade on the salt flats. So I will be soon on my way. Thanks to the „Home Depot“ Store, which is just around the Corner in Vegas from our hotel and it will be open until 22 pm. Okay folks, for today I say good by to all of you. Stay tuned and have a good day.

See you

Cristina Saegesser

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