After the four world and two American records already set in 2007,

the new racing team of Markus Saegesser also wants to set new standards.

The goal was to set two world records in the following class (FIM – International
Motorcycling Federation):

Solo Motorcycles Division A – Non-streamlined Class 2000 cc to 3000 cc

The rider is visible at all times. No streamlining devices are permitted

short distance 1 km and 1 mile with flying start

The original racing motorcycle from 2007 has been taken apart and has been completely reassembled. Perfect aerodynamics thanks to a changed seat and handlebar positions as well as a new V2 racing engine permit speeds, which are extraordinary for a naked bike (>300 km/h)!!

These adjustments and the ambition of the racing motorcyclist and the team are hopefully a guarantee for joining the legendary “201 Mile Club” (323.478 km/h)! Unfortunately, he missed his target.

World Speed Records: The Rules

In Bonneville world motorcycle records can only be attempted at designated Speed Trials (pure motorcycle event) because the FIM officials are only present at these events. At other events cars and motorcycles sometimes run at the same time and people can try to set national records. The prepared course is 17 km long and in the middle there are the light barriers that measure one kilometre and one mile. In other words record attempts are made with a flying start and on each run the kilometre and the mile record are attempted at the same time. In order for a record to be valid the participants have to complete a run in both directions and the average speed is the final speed used. In order to beat the world record your average speed has to be at least 1 % faster.

At the Speed Trials approximately 400 riders taking part. The riders entered in a wide range of different categories, classes and sub-classes. There are fully-clad Streamliners, half-faired and naked motorcycles, engine capacity classes from 50 to 3,000 cm³ and supercharged and non- supercharged engines.