Markus Saegesser


As co-founder of his own racing team, he competed in national and international car races in the 80s. However, his biggest hobby is and remains motorcycle riding (more than ½ million kilometers in the saddle). He has been active in the biker and Harley scene for more than 20 years. He has also participated in national dragster races as driver.

4 FIM world records and 2 AMA American records, International Speed Trials 2007, Bonneville, Salt Flats, Utah, USA

The project was accompanied in 2007 by SF 1 and broadcasted as DOK-movie „Der Traum vom Weltrekord” on SF 1 and other TV channels such as 3Sat, etc. Various radio interviews and TV appearances followed, including an at Kurt Aeschbacher’s program on SF 1 “Aeschbacher”.

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